Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Best Ever Phone Cases for Sharing Planet Hope and Love

Flowers IPhone X Case featuring the painting New Daisies by Winsome Gunning
The New Daisies Phone Case

Planet hope and love is definitely needed now as we begin to understand just how fragile our earth has become.

The joy and beauty all around is becoming so much more precious as we see how quickly our earth can change with our new weather patterns.

As an artist my journey has been to share the joy and abundance found in the natural world.

The New Daisies Painting is of the Cosmos Daisies I planted outside the orange fence of my first home.

You can also see the aloe vera which was also growing along the front fence.

It felt a joyous way to share with all who passed by.

Sustainable IPhone X Case featuring the painting Earth Face by Winsome Gunning
The Earth Face Phone Case

The Earth Face Painting was created using local clay.

I called it The Earth Face because it feels so much like the face is part of this earth.

You can see the texture and feeling of the local earth in the surfaces of the image.

An image of our relationship with our earth.

Dune IPhone X Case featuring the painting The Living Dunes by Winsome Gunning

Living Dunes Phone Case

The Living Dunes is a painting sharing the life force of The Living Dunes.

Nature is never a static thing but has its own life and energy.

Flower IPhone X Case featuring the painting Girl With White Flower by Winsome Gunning
Girl with White Flower Phone Case
This work was painted when I felt very connected to a particular beach and shared the strength and beauty I felt when present on these dunes.

Sometimes however the love of nature is just a simple moment with a flower.


The painting Girl with White Flower was painted to share this moment of connection with the nature's beauty.


Figure IPhone X Case featuring the painting The Planting by Winsome Gunning
The Planting Phone Case

The Planting although so simple is one of my favorite paintings.


It was painted when I lived in a restricted apartment block and craved a garden.


I wanted so much to connect with the earth, to plant and nurture food plants and be in some way connected to the healing of myself and this planet.


Painting this small figure going about the beginnings of this journey was all I could do at the time but it was a definite beginning of an attempt to be part of creating a better planet.


The Spring Blossom Painting was created using clay paints. 

At this stage of my painting career I wanted so much to share the joy of the earth by using clay in my paintings.

This small moment of spring morning sunshine is expressing the hope I have that together we can heal this planet. 

Flowers IPhone X Case featuring the painting Spring Blossom by Winsome Gunning
Spring Blossom Phone Case

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Global Warming and the Worst Day Ever

The Soil Will Save Us

Yesterday was the worst weather day I have ever experienced.

While leave immediately orders were being issued all over Northern Queensland for catastrophic fires, down on the Gold Coast we had thunderstorms, rain dumps followed by hot, crazy, crazy  winds and searing heat.

I was speaking to a friend on the phone when her daughter in law rang to ask if she could stay if they were evacuated. There was a fire just North of the Coast.

Meanwhile in Sydney the most rain ever fell in one day. Floods, trees falling, power out the whole catastrophe.

Having watched in horror as Greece and California burned it was our turn.

Yes Australia does have bush fires but not in these parts. Summer here is usually hot and humid.

So why am I filling this post with pictures of my garden, and the wild bird who has become my friend.

Because first thing this morning, in the cool dawn after the crazy day I needed to go into my garden and see how my plants had survived.

And although I am only learning how to make strong, resilient soil that creates healthy plants I was amazed how all my plants looked.

I didn't water last night as it was too hot and too windy but all the wildlife in my sustainable garden weathered the tough conditions and were looking alive and well in the first light.

We can do it. We can turn this crazy weather round.

It is just going to take us all to look at ways we can change and make a healthier more resilient world.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Canvas Print featuring the painting Winter Beach by Winsome Gunning
Winter Beach Canvas Print



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Moon Duvet Cover featuring the painting Clay Moon by Winsome Gunning
Clay Moon Duvet Cover



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Friday, November 16, 2018

Ten Plus Special Ways to Bring My Garden To You

My organic food garden has brought such joy into my life that I decided to share it with you. 

From a series of carefully selected images here are 11 special throw cushions sharing different corners of my garden. 

Lavender Throw Pillow featuring the digital art Lavender Moment by Winsome Gunning
Lavender Moment Throw Pillow

The first is from the lavender I have grown from cuttings

It now abounds around my garden in large strong bushes which stand up to drought and heat.

The flowers not only give joy to friends but attract bees to pollinate my fruit trees.

I especially love taking bunches of lavender when I visit friends.

A few bunches close by calm the spirit.

Garden Throw Pillow featuring the digital art Garden Flavor by Winsome Gunning
Garden Flavor Throw Pillow
Orange Throw Pillow featuring the digital art Hidden Gems by Winsome Gunning
Hidden Gems Throw Pillow
Flowers Throw Pillow featuring the digital art Garden Love by Winsome Gunning
Garden Love Throw Pillow


Nasturtiums abound throughout my garden.

I love the the intensity of their color and somehow they always make me smile they are so cheerful.

As well as their wonderful color they also are used in my garden to attract the bees.

Their leaves and flowers also add a spicy bit to a salad as well as an inviting look.

The seed pods can also be pickled and make a great substitute for capers.

Mulberry Moment Throw Pillow

Garden Throw Pillow featuring the digital art The New Mulberries by Winsome Gunning
The New Mulberries Throw Pillow
Mulberries are another favorite in my garden.

So many sweet and juicy fruits.

Both the birds and I love these so it is first in best served.

Cuttings from this plant have created several more mulberry bushes in my own garden and the gardens of friends.

Mulberries are certainly the fruit that keeps on giving.

Rose Apple Throw Pillow featuring the digital art The Rose Apple by Winsome Gunning
The Rose Apple Throw Pillow

This Rose Apple image is special as it is the first rose apple ever on this tree.

This was the first tree planted in my garden and it was given to me by the local council.

I dug a hole where I wanted it to grow and watered it regularly but it began to die.

I really thought the tree's life was over but I dug it out and placed it at the very bottom of my garden.

Now it is a mighty tree. It finally found its special place.

And that little apple really did smell like roses. 

Flower Gems Throw Pillow
Flowers Throw Pillow featuring the digital art Frangipani Moment by Winsome Gunning
Frangipani Moment Throw Pillow

Frangipani are another favorite in my garden.

It would never be summer without their sweet scent and lush colors.

They also seem to always be full of lively energy.

I love these special flowers.
Frangipani Throw Pillow featuring the digital art Gardren Joy by Winsome Gunning
Garden Joy Throw Pillow

Garden Throw Pillow featuring the digital art Perilla Beauty by Winsome Gunning
Perilla Beauty Throw Pillow

Perilla it a wonderful herb with a unique flavor much loved in Japanese cooking.

It also abounds in my garden and self seeds itself each year.

Love its delicate colors and could not resist adding it to the images I selected for my throw pillows.

There are further throw pillows from my garden and artworks at https://winsome-gunning.pixels.com/shop/throw+pillows

I do hope you enjoy my products and that they add to your home and that of your friends. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Unique Earth Inspired Gift Ideas from Original Artworks

Nature Canvas Print featuring the painting Oranges Song by Winsome Gunning Oranges Song Canvas Print
Garden Carry-all Pouch featuring the painting Garden Of Joy by Winsome Gunning
Garden of Joy Carry-all Pouch

There is nothing better than to share joy with a well chosen gift.


Flowers Galaxy S8 Case featuring the painting The Three Daisies by Winsome Gunning
The Three Daisies Galaxy S8 Case
My Art Site at Fine Art America offers a wide  range of top quality products from my original artworks which I hope you will consider for gifts for yourself or someone special.

So far all purchasers from my site have expressed how pleased they are with the quality of the items and the top service they received.

I am proud to continue having my products with Fine Art America after discovering how professional they are in all aspects of their production.


They also offer such a contemporary and diverse range of products.

At my site with Fine Art America you will find a range of images each of which will allow you to enter a collection of my themed artworks.
Flowers Duvet Cover featuring the painting Spring Blossom by Winsome Gunning Spring Blossom Duvet Cover

Clicking each  artwork will introduce you to the full range of products available for that image.

You will be able to select not only a variety of sizes and materials but also how you want the image placed on your selected item.

Moon Throw Pillow featuring the painting Clay Moon by Winsome Gunning
Clay Moon Throw Cushion


To introduce you to the variety of items available on my site I have given you a collection of links directly to product items available on the site.

The art images on my site are all inspired by my own journey in and towards sustainable living.

Dune Fleece Blanket featuring the painting The Living Dunes by Winsome Gunning
The Living Dunes Fleece Blanket
Many painted prior to getting my own land express my deep longing to reconnect with the beauty and power that is part of connecting to our living earth.
Tree Canvas Print featuring the painting The Tree by Winsome Gunning
The Tree Canvas Print

I feel so strongly the need for us all to work together to renew our planet. 

Beaches Yoga Mat featuring the painting Water And Earth by Winsome Gunning
Water and Earth Yoga Mat
I do hope you enjoy my images and that some of them will be something to wish to enjoy or share.


Thursday, November 1, 2018



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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Creating Viable Urban Food Systems

Creating viable urban food systems is part of creating a healthy planet.

By using sustainable organic methods to renew soil and grow healthy food we can all be part of healing our planet.

One way to do this is at a community garden where people work together to grow healthy food.

There are so many levels individuals people can contribute to such a garden and each garden will have its own structure.

But in short community gardens which now exist in most cities introduce  the joy of growing food.

Knowledge of gardening is shared with members often from many different cultures and this diversity creates friendships as well as a wealth of food and production methods.

I was a founding member of my local community garden and all the photos in this post are from this garden.

In this garden members can have their own plots or help out in other capacities. Some more time strapped just bring in their food scraps to add to the compost.  

Members at this garden have a range of gardening styles from the more traditional to permaculture methods, but individuality is encouraged as long as members follow strictly organic methods and consider the needs of their neighbours.

We are all working together to create food and  we are learning from others round us as we develop our own gardening style. 

Knowledge and seeds are shared and each of us becomes enriched in the process.