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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Real !!! Food is Grown

I am a member of Varsity Lakes Community Garden.

Our workshop this week taught us how to grow REAL food.

This is done by creating healthy soil that produces healthy disease and pest free plants.

The strength of these plants can be measured by The Brix Index.

Pests find plants with a higher `Brix Index' unattractive.

So how does one achieve this higher `Brix index' in plants???.

This is done by getting the right balance of bacteria and fungi in the soil.

With this balance correct a healthy, rich soil will evolve which will strengthen `The Brix Index' of plants grown in this soil.

We were shown at the workshop how to create Healthy Worm Farms from which we could use castings to establish a good balance of bacteria and fungi in our soil.

Leaf litter on soil is also a good source of fungi and organic lucern mulch is another good soil addition.

Our community garden is established on clay soil and we were told getting the bacteria back into our soil was the best way to break down the clay and make our soil rich and viable for strong, healthy vegetables.
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