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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food, Real Food

Below is broccoli growing in my community garden patch, along with calendula, dwarf beans, yellow button tomatoes and a baby squash.

The last two nights I have had the most delicious meals with steamed and raw vegetables I have grown myself including the most wonderful tasting new potatoes. All I have needed to add to my vegetables has been a little organic cold pressed olive oil and a tiny touch of sea salt and they have been the tastiest, sweetest food I have eaten.

It is hard to believe the garden only opened on July 25th and it has been so dry since. I planted this broccoli on opening day.

Below you can see a sweep of the community garden, situated amongst the gum trees behind the community hall. The raised beds for the disabled are just visible as well as the rainwater tank. A small corner of the no dig garden created around the edge of the gardens by members using newspaper and mulch can be seen. Plantings of pumpkins, water melons, rock melons, and other spreaders have just begun in this no dig area.

The last photo shows our shed and garden shed along with the new seed raising area. The mural on the shed was created by a local artist who is one of the original inhabitants of this area.


LJP said...

What a wonderful idea!! Vegies are best when grown yourself!! :-)

Jeremy Warner MD said...

I'm enjoy your blog, keep up the good work! Happy to post a link to you on my site.

Jackie said...

Nothing as nice as veggies grown by oneself. I have never had much luck with broccoli, yours looks sooo good.

Marion said...

How lovely to see a garden grow when we, in the Northern Hemisphere, are travelling into Winter. I've put my garden to bed and will watch your grow until I can plant again!