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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spirit & Food Combine in Community Garden

My local community garden has captured the story of its land through a mural on the garden shed.

The community garden is at Varsity Lakes on Australia's Gold Coast and the Artists completing the mural are two of the area's original inhabitants.

The mural they are painting tells a story of the local area.

The gardeners themselves are also creating their stories as shown by this lively bed with its blue peacock wind wheel.

Another garden bed, another story and lots of good organic food for meals to come.

A cabbage reflects the sunlight in one of the shared areas at the community garden.
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CyberCelt said...

Winsome, I am so glad you left a message on Endangered Spaces! After you quit blogging, I tried emailing the addresses I had, but never could reach you. I was afraid that fire had gotten you.

Join the Top List, if you want:
I know many will be happy to see you again.

ericat said...

Thank you for the visit, the link and the opportunity to visit your blog. That mural is enchanting.
We have very hot summers as well, but my husband decided to try some vegetables once again.
Our summers has always been very dry and hot. So far we have had no major sign of climate change.
greetings from down south at the other side of the world.