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Monday, November 23, 2009

More About My Sustainable Home

I had read a lot about sustainable living but it was hard trying to put it into practice on a limited budget.

The three years I waited for my apartment to sell I despaired of finding a place I could make sustainable.

I wanted something with land around it I could turn into a garden and a building that would breath.

It seemed all the buildings I was looking at were built on top of each other and I was never quite sure what building materials had been used in their construction.

The Back of My Sustainable Home

When I did find my future home it did not look like it does in the photo above.

The paint was peeling off and it did not have the louvre windows.

The Living Area of My Sustainable Home

The living area above was two separate rooms and the floor was covered in a collection of linos.

I cried when I first walked into it as my own home as I did not know where to start, but it had the structure I wanted.

It was built of hardwood with a tin roof, the wall panels were of hardwood and it was raised up on the ground on concrete blocks.

It had the aspect for winter sun and summer breezes, and for air to circulate under the house.

It was not a new house but it was well built and I knew I would be able to create the changes I required.

Now my budget is totally depleted but I have a home which I have renewed using sustainable paint and floor coverings.

All the furniture in my home is furniture that breaths, no plastic surfaces.

Something interesting I have found with this style of living is that everyone that walks into this home immediately says how much at home they feel.

I think there is something in all of us that wants to connect to the simple and natural.

I am now beginning the task of creating a sustainable garden.

It all takes time on a limited budget but already I am eating my own food.


Marion said...

I would like to visit and see your improvements...your home has a really warm feel to it. I love the fact you used all breathable substances...I've done the same with my home.

nannykim said...

This was very interesting--hope you tell us more.