Friday, November 6, 2009

Real Food After Cancer

In my journey to wellness after three separate breast cancers one aspect has been to look at what I eat.

While I appreciate each woman's body is unique here are the guidelines I try to follow.

I do not eat processed food or food that has chemical additives I do not understand.

I try to find foods with no pesticides, no hormones, and no antibiotics.

For this reason I am learning to grow my own vegies at a community garden.

At the community garden we are being taught the quality of the earth affects the quality of the earth affects the quality of the food we eat.

I do not drink milk or use milk products.

My understandings of how milk affects breast cancer come from the writings of Professor Jane Plant CBE.

I eat fish and eggs but no meat for me. Not eating meat is a personal thing good for our planet.

Oils are something I also watch carefully. My first choices are organic olive oil and grape seed oil for cooking.

Grape seed oil has a low heating level which causes less chemical changes on heating.

Oils can be difficult as they are often in food you buy. I simply don't buy something that does not specify which oil it is using on the label.

Granola oil is a definite no because I am unsure of its source and production and if I must have an oil in something I prefer sunflower oil.

No I do not use margarine. On bread I simply use olive oil or avocado.

Before I finish another big No is food sold in plastics. Many plastics leak into food and create chemical changes mimicking hormones. I have a metal drinking bottle and store food in glass, wax paper or brown paper bags.

In summary what I try to eat are REAL FOODS as close to their natural state as is possible.

It is a learning curve but I am enjoying discovering a new way of eating and being.

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