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Monday, November 2, 2009

Real Food For Dinner

What is more real for dinner than food fresh from the garden.

Below in the steamer about to be cooked until just tender `Early Purple Turnips', `Sweet Potato', topped with `Shivered Red Cabbage Leaf'.

Next to be briefly added to the steamer are `Broccoli', and `Rainbow Chard'.

All vegetable will be served topped with cold pressed organic olive oil and a touch of sea salt.

Grown with generous additions of seaweed emulsion they are sweet and tasty without additional sauces.

On the bench, newly washed and waiting to be created into a salad are `Juicy Yellow Cherry Tomatoes,' `Dandelion Chicory'. `Mizuna'', `Coriander' and some `Brown Lettuce Leaves'.

Again with such fresh, quality food all it needs is a little organic, olive oil to add some moisture.

All foods are pulsating with an energy and taste that only newly picked organic vegies can offer.

Add a little fish of your preference or an omelet and you have a `real food meal' to renew both your body and the planet.

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