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Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I Am Finding Difficult About Sustainable Living

Have been thinking today about which of my sustainable adaptations have been the most difficult.

The one that springs immediately to mind is not having air conditioning.

At present I am relying on insulation, cross ventilation and fans for cooling.

The concept is great but I have been the press button and instantly cold air girl so it is taking some adapting.

I am going to have to look at this whole heating and cooling concept more creatively if I am not to install an air conditioner.

Shutters and shades are further things I can add but in a nutshell my budget is already blown on the louvre windows so now I am looking at which quick growing deciduous trees I could plant outside my hottest windows.

The late afternoon sun slanting in to my bedrooms in winter is one of my favorite things about this house but the same sun in summer feels sickeningly hot.

I added double blinds in the hottest bedroom thinking this would be enough but although they do help they are not a full answer.

What I do at present is open the bedrooms up as soon as the sun goes down which is right on sunset and get as much cool air into the rooms as possible before they are used for sleeping.

The house on one side of me has been very clever with their tree plantings for the summer sun so need to look more closely at their solutions and plan ahead for my own house.

Insulation is great for midday sun but more is needed for late, low sun.

Luckily being raised up from the ground with wood vents surrounding the basement allows for a clear air flow beneath the house and makes for fast cooling once the sun has gone down.

The Back of My Sustainable Home


ramblingwoods.com said...

It is clearly a challenge to live more green as we are finding out. I really admire what you are trying to do. We do have a/c and I do need to use it in the summer as my MS symptoms go crazy if I get overheated. But I do try to get it warmer if possible...I wanted to invite you to visit my main blog which is my nature journal blog...The 'green' meme is new this year, but I have been keeping my nature blog for almost 4 years now...Michelle from Thinking Green and Rambling Woods

ramblingwoods.com said...

Please visit this post and accept the 'Green Thinker'blog award that I started...Michelle

Green Thinker Award

Zuzu said...

I met a couple (years ago) that installed thermal "warm window" blinds, and they say that they worked well. Here's a website you can check out:

More ideas here:

While you are trying to find ways to stay cool, I'm tossing another log into the woodstove. :)

Take care,