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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Changing My Life

From a trendy inner city suburb to my new sustainable lifestyle has been a quantum leap both physically and mentally, but it came after much thought about both my own and the planet's needs.

The preacher at my church today was talking about the need for change and simple living, for us all to be better stewarts of our planet so all this planet's inhabitants could reach their potential.

My discoveries as a member of a new community garden are teaching me how to put such simplicity into practice. Growing food together and learning from each other is confirming there is always enough to go around if people work together in the right spirit.

With the pressure of peak oil hovering above us all it is becoming more urgent to find new ways of living.

The way food is grown commercially has been very oil intensive.

Our fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides all use oil products in their production.

Oil is also used for working our farms, processing our food and transporting this food to our tables.

Simple ways to improve the soil and create quality food we can access easily are what I am learning at the community garden with workshops sponsored by the local council.

Tonight I will be out putting three bags of organic lucern mulch on all my vegetables to conserve water. Lucern also builds up the soil by adding nitrogen.

Each time I go to the community garden I pick up some new `gem' of information from another gardener.

Each area has unique growing conditions so although general knowledge can be shared sometimes it is trial and error in your particular garden patch to find what works best.

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