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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Community Garden Images

Love being part of an organic community garden and am learning so much there about how to build up strong soil and produce `REAL' Food.

The rain has given me a holiday from watering my patch at the community garden, but today went down to pick the beans. Have been told if you pick them regularly they keep producing. The bean vine has been prolific so far.

Photobucket This is a view of the Community Garden from the park. The mural on the garden shed is painted by one of original local inhabitants of this area. It has dolphins swimming and a red sun. I love the sunny colors.

Photobucket The raised beds for disabled gardeners are at the front of the garden.

Photobucket The gate is rather special and is accessed by a bridge across the swale. The shared mandala garden with its herb spiral is  behind the gate and in the background one of our rainwater tanks.

Photobucket And here is my patch looking lush after the rain. I have mulched my patch heavily with sugar cane mulch supplied by the local council when the garden was opened.

I learn so much about organic gardening by being a member of this community garden. Things have been quiet over the holiday period but have enrolled in the first workshop of the year  `Back to Gardening Basics' workshop at the beginning of February. Look forward to sharing what I learn.


ramblingwoodsgreen.com said...

I love the community gardens. There has been a movement in the city (Buffalo NY) to put in community gardens in some really troubled areas and they have been wonderful for the neighborhoods. You gave me a great idea for me. I have a lot of trouble getting down to the garden, but bringing some of it up to me is a great idea. I am going to do more of this come next spring and summer... Thank you for posting to Thinking Green... Michelle

bobbie said...

A community garden is a wonderful experience. I did it years ago, and my daughter and son-in-law have done it. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. A very rewarding experience.

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