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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally My Organic Paw Paws Are Planted

I brought the paw paws two weeks ago and they sat in their buckets while I waited for the right weather for planting.


I dug three holes where the camphor laurel tree had been. My gardener had wanted to poison the tree stump but I paid a stumper to dig out the stump instead.


The camphor laurel had been right up against the fence but I have planted my trees a little out in consideration of my neighbor.


It rained on Friday night and then I further filled the holes with water to prepare for the planting the paw paws.

I placed each tree in the holes and filled with a mixture of dolomite, the soil I had removed from the holes and organic soil I had purchased. The store where I purchased the organic soil told me to mix in the old soil so the roots would reach beyond the area I had dug.

The holes were also dug square as my reading told me roots tended to turn in on themselves in round holes but reached out to the surrounds in square holes.


And here finally are the paw paw trees planted, each with their individual stakes.

They are red paw paws which are hermaphrodite so each one is able to produce fruit without the presence of another paw paw.

So looking forward to day when I have trees full of paw paws.

Am also looking forward to their foliage filling the gab left by the removal of the camphor laurel. Paw Paws grow quickly so hope to soon have my privacy back along with some delicious and nutritious fruit.

Today is dry again but the paw paws are standing up well to the weather, so far no wilting.

The weather broadcast has promised some days of rain early next week. I do hope we get that rain.

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Zuzu said...

I have never heard of paw paw trees before! And your tip on square holes vs. round holes is a great one! :)

Hope the rain returns soon.


ramblingwoodsgreen.com said...

They wanted to poison the stump? sigh. Thank you for not having that done. I want to make one small suggestion. If you change your blogger comment setting from the default 'embedded' to 'pop-up' instead, it is easier for people to post. I can't post on these at all using Firefox, but have to go an open Internet Explorer. I think you will get more comments...