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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creating My Sustainable Home

Living sustainably feels so right. Still have so much to do but the plan is to live with a light footprint on our earth.

The house I have brought is an old government home. It is built of simple materials, including hardwood and tin, no asbestos.

I love that the air flows underneath and keeps the house cool on hot days and that I can go under the house and look up and see the floorboards.

My cousin a photographer took these photos and now I am growing a lavender hedge down the side of the house, and passionfruit on the wire fence. More photos of these later.

The Back of My Sustainable Home


The Louvre Windows were my addition and being raised they catch the summer breezes and cool the house.

The paint used was sustainable and the color on the slats is one I came up with and called `Earth Connection'.

Luckily I have been collecting wooden furniture for many years and it fitted in with my house. I had been thinking of selling it as everything seemed dank and musty at my old apartment, but it has come to life with the air and sunshine in my new home plus a gentle clean with water and white vinegar.

The old apartment had been dark with restricted air flow.

The Living Area of My Sustainable Home

This house seems alive. The air flows underneath the wooden floors and soon will be wafting with the scent of lavender. All surfaces indoors and out are natural and have been finished naturally. The place feels like it can breath and I feel the same.

My former apartment was in a new prestige block but it did not feel alive. This old house uses form to follow function and creates life from its simplicity.


Mimi said...

You have a lovely, warm, inviting home.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Wow how amazing