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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Struggling Christmas Tree

Yesterday my new mulberry tree was vigorous but today it is struggling in the heat.

Came home from shopping in Christmas crowds to find a limp, floppy tree. It was just so hot.

Rushed out and gave the tree one and a half watering cans of water before unpacking the shopping.

Gave it another watering can an hour later and then a further watering can with seaweed emulsion added.

What I have photographed are the after pictures so am waiting to see if it will revive more fully as the day's heat subsides.


The man at the garden center did say Mulberry Trees were water hungry, but I didn't understand just how sensitive it would be.

Still it has just been planted and root systems take time to establish.

The weather man said rain till Christmas Day so thought it would be a good time to plant.

It is an uneven sky that looks like a storms, but so hot and steamy as well.

Another bucket or two of water for the mulberry tonight. Hope it is renewed in the morning.


Moderngreenollie said...

Good on you - I hope your work bears fruit (if you'll excuse the appalling pun).

Stine in Ontario said...

I hope you mulberry tree makes it through the dry weather. I'm thinking you may have to keep watering it throughout the summer.

Here in Ontario, Canada, early autumn is considered the best time to plant most trees, shrubs and perennials. The roots continue to grow while the leaves and stems/trunks need less water because they have stopped growing till the next spring.