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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Success with My Sushi

My Sushi platters were a great success at my latest functions. I had no idea people would like them so much or would have taken photos.

Anyway will try and explain just what I did.

The secret ingredient which made them really tasty was a great tasting Tartare Sauce I found in the supermarket and which was made without milk and full of all good, natural ingredients.

I don't have milk after reading  Jane Plant's Book `Your Life in Your Hands'.

The Tartare sauce was mixed with a large can of Tuna in springwater.

As well as the Tuna and Tartare sauce I brought Sushi seasoning (rice vinegar with water, sugar and salt), a packet of seaweed sheets, a sushi rolling mat and sushi rice. All these items were in the International section of my supermarket.

I used finely cut slices of cucumber, red peppers, and carrots with small lettuce leaves from my garden to fill out the sushi rolls. You may need to buy such items.

The first step after my shopping was to rinse a cup of sushi rice, add it to one and a half cups of cold water and bring to the boil. I then covered the rice and simmered for about twelve minutes.

After taking off the stove I covered the rice and allowed to sit for ten minutes before adding 4 tablespoons of sushi seasoning and mixing through thoroughly with a WOODEN spoon. (The vinegar acts with metal.)

The rice was then cooled to room temperature before using to make the sushi.

To roll the sushi I put a seaweed sheet shiny side down on the sushi mat, and evenly spread about a handful of rice on the sheet leaving about two inches free of rice at the end away from where I began to roll.

I found wetting my hands allowed me to flatten out the rice and spread it evenly over the sheets. Also leaving a small edge at the front of the sheet made it easier to begin rolling.

I then put line of tuna on top of the rice about three inches in on the sheet and topped it with carrot, cucumber, and red pepper pieces and the small lettuce leaves. You could really use anything you thought would make the rolls good to eat.

Rolling was fun as the mats are great and give the sushi that round shape.

When you get to the end of rolling your sushi you put water on the uncovered piece of seaweed at the far end and it sticks the rolls together.

I next rolled wax paper not plastic wrapping around the rolled sushi and twisted the ends like a small sausage to hold in shape. When I had all my rolls finished I wrapped them in tinfoil and put in the freezer to hold their shape till I headed out.

You don't really need that many rolls. Three was find for four people at my boxing day lunch. They were easy to transport wrapped in the freezer tin foil. I unwrapped and sliced them at my function. They filled a good size platter.

Seven rolls for Christmas lunch filled two platters and quickly disappeared.


Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Wow, you POSTED this just for me, I thought you were just sharing a link - thank you so much!

My teen will love these. :)


Stine in Ontario said...

This sounds tasty.

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

I love making sushi but have not tried the wax paper! Thanks for the great tip!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thanks for the great sushi tips. Happy New Year and thanks for linking to TMTT.

Brenda said...

I am DYING to try this! My family loves, loves sushi.

zentmrs said...

Thanks for the great tips! We'll have to try this soon!