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Monday, December 21, 2009

Renewing My Garden

After the rain was the perfect time to plant some more fruit trees, especially as more rain was promised.

Here are the two holes I dug, splattered with dolomite and filled with water. In the background are the three paw paw trees planted where the Camphor Laurel Tree was removed.

This is the new view looking up my drive with my two new trees planted. Already they seem at home in my garden. In the background (on the left) are my beautiful frangipane blooms and my new passion fruits growing on the fence.

I had been going to plant a mango and an avocado tree, but then I saw the mulberry tree.

I just love mulberries and this one I was told is a very fast grower that will fruit next season. It will also be bushy and hide my view of the houses below.

Below is an older photo showing the house below that the mulberry tree will hide and the removed Camphor Laurel tree.

To the right is my the garden above as it is now.

I  had some organic soil left from planting the paw paws but was advised to also get some organic compost and slow release fertiliser.

The avocado was planted first. This I was told needed to be planted with some of its root system above ground so the roots could breath if water accumulated at the base of the plant. Without the roots having this chance to breath I was told my avocado tree would be susceptible to root rot.

It is a drafted avocado so will fruit quickly. I was advised to remove any fruit this season to give the graft time to become strong enough to support the weight of fruit.

The mulberry tree I was told was different and was water hungry.

For both trees I was advised to mix  a handful of the slow release fertilizer in the soil on which I put the trees.

Around the trees in their separate hole I put buckets of equal quantities of original soil, compost and organic soil with one small shovel of dolomite. The original soil I had dug out is necessary to help the plant adapt to where it is planted. Square holes also help with the root development.

I stood on the soil to get rid of air pockets and watered my new trees before topping them with organic lucerne mulch and a second watering.

I just wish it was next year and they were already fruiting.