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Friday, January 8, 2010

Always Learning Something New at the Community Garden.

Am always learning something new at the Community Garden.


The plant in this photo is Abika or New Guinea Spinach. The owner of this patch is from New Guinea and she cooks the spinach in coconut milk. I have asked for her first cutting and the recipe. It sounds delicious.


This gardener is from South East Asia and is growing soybeans and snake beans. Am in awe of the structure she created for her snake beans, it is enormous and she is not large. Have been the lucky recipient of some of her snake beans and they are delicious. She has also given me some snake bean seeds and a star shaped red pepper which I had never seen before. Will save the seeds from the pepper as she suggested and try growing them in my garden.


Another special patch. Ground fallow now for new plantings but still corn, basil, strawberries and a special red rose.

My own patch is struggling. Hate taking out plants when they have been good feeders, but slowly am dismantling my bean vine and removing the old beans. Planted six new bean seedlings at the bottom of the vine and hope they will grow and replace the old beans. Has been so special having a handful of fresh green beans each evening.

My broccoli is still giving out florets. Is a case of me beating the bugs to them but is still too hot for new broccoli plantings. Kale is also a staple of my present diet. Seems to grow well in the summer heat.

Anther success has been my basil and have been able to share the basil and my special cashew pesto.

Each time I go my Community Garden I learn something new. I love learning how to produce fresh organic food.


Rambling Woods said...

How nice to have an international garden..I am not a gardener but have found people who do to be very generous with their time...Michelle

GardenofDaisies said...

It is good when people come together and share so that we all learn a better way to live and be healthy.
Years ago the young people in our church decided to start a community garden... It was a lot of hard work to get it started, but so much fun once we were able to eat reap the rewards and eat some of the things we had grown... I really good learning process for me.
these days I mostly grow herbs. (And flowers too.)

RNSANE said...

What a joy to share vegetables from other countries - and to get to know the people who grow them...sort of a United Nations without a building. I love that idea!

Jo said...

how wonderful to be part of a community garden and have such and international commuity!

Sarah said...

What an interesting community garden. I definitely learned something new today. Thanks!