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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Growing Real Sustainable Fruit

I dream of the day when I can walk in my garden and pick the passion fruit, paw paws, avocadoes, mulberries, yellow peaches, lemons and so much more but for today it is about getting each tree off to a healthy start.


The weather has been hot but showery and my black and red passion fruit vines continue to power ahead.


I had some mulch delivered by Luke from my local organic markets and he very kindly looked at my trees and showed me how to keep the mulch away from the trunk to prevent root rot.


The new mulberry tree is still looking healthy and green. Seems I have got a good tree this time. The avocado tree and paw paws continue to grow steadily.


This lemon tree was yellow and struggling but since I have added extra organic lucerne mulch from the `Organic Markets' it has come to life. It did have mulch but it appears not enough for its root system. I am trying to show the new blossoms that are developing but they don't appear very clear. Am just so pleased it has new shoots, buds and is springing back to life. I hope I will get some lemons from the new blossoms.


Here is the peach tree I planted on Saturday. It seems to love its new home. The soil seems very good in this corner of the garden and am contemplating planting an orange tree here as well.

Had a navel orange tree in a previous home and it was the joy of my garden. Love the smell of orange blossom in spring.

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