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Friday, January 29, 2010

Plastics & Breast Cancer

My water bottle is metal. No plastic drinking bottles for me as research continues to show that estrogen mimicking chemicals leech from plastics.

These estrogen mimicking chemicals are implicated in the increasing rise of breast cancer in our contemporary culture.

Having had breast cancer three times and currently taking a drug that stops my own estrogen I would have to be pretty silly to expose myself knowing to chemicals that act like estrogens.

I use wax paper to wrap my food and buy my groceries in brown paper bags. Plastic wrappings are unstable and a further source of estrogen mimicking chemicals in our food and our bodies.

At both the organic markets and my favorite health food shop they provide brown paper bags for shoppers.

I also limit my use of tinned food. It is impossible to know from the outside of a tin if it has been plastic coated inside. Too many times I have opened a can to find it plastic lined.

I am aware it is difficult to avoid such plastics in contemporary culture.

I see my local Sushi bar unwrapping their plastic wrapped ingredients or my favorite coffee bar putting that yummy cake in plastic wrapping to keep for the next day.

I just try to avoid plastics with my food as much as I can.

What frustrates me is the general lack of awareness of how these items are creating changes in our bodies. But I guess I was unaware too.


ramblingwoodsgreen.com said...

These are some really good suggestions that I can incorporate into our house. Thank you for this information...Michelle

Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent post, yes plastics are so insidious and we don't know the effects they have on us. I try to avoid plastic as much as possible, for both health and environmental reasons.

Stine in Ontario said...

Very interesting read! I find myself using les and less plastic. The less the bettetr, for many reasons!