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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simple Sustainable Blind Solution

Each person that enters my house says they like my blinds, and yet they are so simple.

When my renovations had finished my studio/sunroom had eight empty windows on one side and I had no money.

I wanted light and I wanted privacy.

One day in a hardware store I came across these simple folded paper blinds that stick to the top of the glass and can be held up with small white pegs if required.

They were inexpensive and easily cut to the size of each window. I was able to do two small windows from one blind and then all I had to do was stick the blind onto the glass.


Here is one of the paper blinds on the old stable door in my kitchen.


These blinds also felt a sustainable solution because of their limited use of materials.


Sharm said...

as always . your blog is amazing

Mimi said...

I ♥ those blinds!

ramblingwoodsgreen.com said...

That is so funny as I have paper blinds in my dining room. I wasn't going to put up anything as the view is lovely, but too many birds were hitting the window...Now they don't and you really can't tell that they are a paper like blind...Michelle