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Friday, February 5, 2010

Community Garden in Summer Heat

The heavy, hot rains rains have filled the swale outside the Community Garden.


I should be at a workshop on basic gardening today but so hot and steamy am going to an air conditioned movie with a friend. Just TOO hot today to be in the midday heat. Am not yet a really tough gardener.

Here is my garden patch at the Community Garden. Am starting to renew this soil as well. Lots of gentle hoeing and digging and the slow removal of summer crops. Will put in some gypsum next time at the garden as the soil has lots of sods which I am working to break down. Am also digging the summer mulch into the soil where have removed plants.


The okra plant is still magnificent and producing lots of okras, which I love steamed.


Other members of the garden are surprised I have my original broccoli plants which is still forming edible florets. I keep a constant eye and remove all bugs and eaten leaves and feed it well. Like to get the most out of each plant.


This basil is wonderful and creates lots of  wonderful pesto with my evening meals.


The eggplant is producing white eggplants much to my surprise. They taste the same as black eggplants, and I eat them sliced and gently crisped in olive oil to a golden brown.


The peppers from the my original plantings are also still bearing fruits. The chrysanthemum was self sown.

Can hear thunder rolling across the sky part of the oppressive heat so will head off to that air conditioned movie.


Crafty Green Poet said...

looks like a wonderful patch of ground you have there, community gardens are such a great idea!

Rambling Woods said...

Hard to remember back to last summer when it was hot and humid here..Lovely green vegetables...