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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gardening, Heat & Rain

This sky is part of a day promising thirty degrees centigrade and lots of storms. You are looking at the skyline of `The Gold Coast' in the background.

Skys like this create great weather for preparing my soil for the cooler months to come.


Last night in the heat again dug my three bottom garden beds and sprinkled gypsum over each bed. This morning the rain had washed the gypsum right into the soil.

Found the soil in these beds had become very compacted over the summer.

Gypsum helps create a looser soil structure.

Nothing grew well in these beds over summer and their soil needs a lot of work before I plant again.

They catch the last of the sun in summer which makes them very hot, but am hoping they will be a good for winter plantings.

Just wish I was stronger and could give them a really deep dig in one go. It takes me several digging sessions to make an impact on the soil and end up with lots of aches and pains afterwards.

But you must have good soil for good food so it has to be dug, and each day I am becoming a stronger gardener.


Ralph said...

The thermals of a really hot day offer the strong clouds like these. The rise of the moisture hits the massive cold way up there. So thunder and lightning are the result. Dark the clouds are, but a rugged beauty they offer us...

Stine in Ontario said...

Did these clouds bring rain?

You're adding gypsum to the soil? How interesting. Is your soil too acidic? I would think the gypsum would change the Ph of the soil but maybe that is what you need to fo.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I don't know anything about gardening so most of what you said is sort of a foreign language to me. *LOL* BUT, I do love that shot. I hope that the clouds brought you some much needed rain. :)

Thanks so much for playing along.

Have a great weekend.

-Tisha @ Looking @ The Sky on Friday

Dimple said...

That is a wonderful cloud formation!
I admire your persistence in digging; you will continue to get stronger!

Carolyn Ford said...

Such ominous clouds in your sky! They are beautiful but powerful...wonderful capture!

Calico Crazy said...

Lovely cloudy sky, good luck with your gardening. ~ Calico Contemplations

Kim said...

Amazing picture today! I love the way these colors play off each other.

I'm up too...come on over!

The Misplaced Midwesterner

alwaysbcmom.com said...

Your clouds are amazing!