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Monday, February 1, 2010

Renewing My Sustainable Vegie Plot

Began my vegie plot renewal this morning. It has rained for three days and today is only going to be 28 degrees centigrade. After weeks in the thirties the cooler weather and moist soil prompted me to begin digging.


This garden area is going. I have decided to make the area cooler and more private by planting palms against the fence and creating a no dig garden in front of the new palms.


This is one of three beds further down the garden. Dug this one this morning and later this week will add horse manure from a friend's horse. Am preparing this bed to provide some vegies while I recreate the main vegie patch.


Started digging in this patch as well. The lemon tree I am going to put in a pot, it has been struggling all summer. The soil here needs a lot of work.


As does my nursery area under the shade of a tree. Nothing much happening except lots of lavender pots which I love to give away and a few struggling passion fruits and turnips. Put a mango seed in a pot  last evening to see how if it will grow. A lot of heat still to come this month so will see.


Am also about to begin digging the sweet potatoes. This area will also become a main vegie source while I recreate my new garden. Am now growing sweet potatoes in a new area at the bottom of my garden where I have been working on the soil.

Have a `Back to Basics Garden Workshop' this Saturday at the Community Vegie Patch. It will be timely as am just realizing how much I DON'T KNOW about gardening. Hope to be able to share what I learn there.

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Kimba said...

This post gives me hope that I'll be able to get my first garden growing once the snow finally melts. Thanks!