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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sustainable Garden Metamorphosis

Around my house was a bed of weeds and now it is coming to life. Today will be 33degree centigrade so out early with my camera to discover joyful garden moments I have created.

Fertilized my passion fruit flowers with a paint brush as the bees did not seem to be doing the job. Excited to find the first passion fruit forming from my efforts. Have planted Cosmos Daisies near the vine to encourage more bees, if this does not work will consider getting a bush bee hive. Bush bees do not sting.


Blossom on my newly planted peach tree is exciting to find but very unseasonal.


It was worth digging out the rubber tree to have these beautiful frangipane flowers under my bedroom window.


Have planted each of these plants at the bottom of my garden, so a joy to see their colors in the early morning sun.


This rainbow chard also gives a wonderful color medley.


Still so much to do. These garden beds will have their sleepers removed and be extended, with tree plantings along the fence. Do a little at a time as is heavy work.



ramblingwoodsgreen.com said...

It is so nice to see new life..I am making plans for a garden this spring..after all the snow is gone.. Michelle

Melody said...

This would have been a beautiful post to add to Pam Penning's Foliage Follow-up on Digging http://www.penick.net/digging/?p=6340
You should join us on the 16th of each month. And on the 15th, Carol of May Dreams Gardens has Garden Bloggers Bloom Day