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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Replanting My Community Garden Patch

Here is my community garden patch underway with new plantings after the many months of heat. Still hot but is also wet and a feeling cool weather will soon be here.


The purple climbing beans are beginning to shoot. This is my third attempt at bean planting. Just too hot for the seedlings I brought, but these from seed seem to be strong. All a learning curve.


Snowpeas are much smaller but just beginning to sprout.


Here you can see the stepping stones I have added to stop stepping randomly on my cultivated soil. Hard to see but have built a netting between the bamboo poles so can start getting more in my patch by going upwards.

Have followed the lead of one of other special gardeners and put Vietnamese Spinach beside two of my poles. Have also planted dwarf snakes bean seeds from Eden Seeds in the mounds beneath my new structure.

Our president has organized for us to purchase these old traditional open pollinated seeds at the Community Garden and plan to use more for future plantings.


Rainbow chard seedlings survived the heat in their safe place underneath my old broccoli plant but have lost some to the moist soil as they are at the base of my garden and it is now so wet. Dug around these ones and hope the aerorated soil will help them to grow.



bobbie said...

I really envy you that lovely garden. Aren't the purple beans wonderful!

Rambling Woods said...

I am enjoying following your garden from my computer screen. It really inspires me to do more in my own yard... Michelle