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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Fully Sustainable Room

My plan when I brought my new home was to make everything sustainable.

The room in the photo was painted with VOC (volatile organic compounds) free paint and the finish for the hardwood floor which is the real floor of the house was also VOC free.

I added the louvre windows to the room to create natural breezes for cooling.

All furniture items are also in natural finishes.

But the biggest thing for me as an artist of some standing was  my decision to not hang one painting on the walls until it was painted with totally sustainable paint.

This week I hung my first painting.

It is not large and I am still experimenting with a wonderful new clay paint but to me it feels a special moment in my journey as an artist.

The feeling in my new work is very different from my earlier works but as with each of my previous series I know this one will evolve.

People have asking me if I am painting again and now I have begun, it feels just great.


David Novakovic said...

Love the feeling in the room. Louvres are my favourite window ;)

Also the painting itself looks awesome...

Congrats on the awesome living space!

Andrea -- Just One More Book!! Podcast said...

I can almost feel the gorgeous vibe in this beautiful room. Congratulations!

Andrea Ross