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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lavender Entrance

When I brought my house there was one large and rather ugly rubber tree by the main door.

Now there is lavender for my guests to brush passed as they enter.

The lavender hedge was grown from small cuttings I planted in pots about a year ago.

A closer look at the lavender.

Beside the lavender grow lemongrass and frangipane, each with their own special fragrances.

Here we look up at my entrance area over the passion fruit vine which is growing just below. I live in an old wooden house raised off the ground for ventilation and cooling.

Where once was one rather ugly rubber tree now I have an array of fragrances, flowers and food.


Jackie said...

I love lavender. Your bush looks very healthy and I am sure you will find it useful in many, many ways.

I have just packed away my summer clothes with sprigs from my lavender plant.

I have never tried growing lemongrass even though I love the essential oil and buy it regularly.

40daysof said...

Well done! Lavender is such a great choice for areas where you know people will be strolling.


Liz said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!


Melody said...

A lovely combination of plants for color and fragrance.