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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Organic Market Time Again

Love my Sunday morning visit to the local organic markets.


Exciting to see the greens direct from the farm.


Haven't seen this one before but it sounds like it is very good for you.


A discerning shopper.


Everything is twice as good here.


This is new, a free book stall. I got a great book on pesticides and how to make natural pesticides for your organic garden. Will bring some of my own books and give them back to the stall next week. Was interesting watching people adjusting to the idea of getting something for free.



Rambling Woods said...

We have summer markets..but I will have to see how much there is organic... that is important...

Anonymous said...

Great market. Everything looks so fresh. Lovely.

diane said...

I like the look of that market. I wish I knew where it was.

Shey said...

Love going to a farmer's market where everything's fresh. Like the idea of free books too. :)

21st Century Housewife© said...

Farmer's markets are the best! I always look forward to the one near us the second Saturday of every month - everything is so fresh and so much better for you. I also get an organic vegetable box delivered once a week which is great for filling the gaps between markets!

shopannies said...

we have a farmers market not very big but big enough that we get lots of delicious goodies