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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do You Know All These Foods???

I have spent the last two and a half hours planting eight NEW edible plants in my garden and have come inside feeling so energized.

I was feeling a hypocrite after my blog on the Puruvian Ground Apple earlier this week as I just couldn't get myself to plant it, in fact I couldn't even work out where to plant it, but today was gray with a very light rain falling and I headed out with my spade.

I have tried to be a logical gardener but I don't seem to work that way and one by one each plant seemed to suggest its special place.

The first two plantings are bush foods the Bush Sandpaper Fig

Ficus Coronata Creek Sandpaper Fig

and the Corduroy Tamarind.

Corduroy Tamarind Michyrytera Lauterina

Both of these are now very small seedlings but have the potential to grow into magnificent trees. They are both rain forest plants with edible fruits, and I have planted them in shady areas of my garden similar to conditions on a rain forest floor.

On the sunny side of my garden I planted a banana mango tree

Banana Mango

I also brought at the bush market. I was told it was a more reliable fruiter than other mango trees and would not grow as large.

Was getting a little excited at this stage and decided to also plant the the avocado and mango I had been nurturing from seeds. They were also placed in sunny positions.

That makes five. My other plantings were a blueberry bush that a friend had brought me and had been sitting in its pot for some time, of course the Yacon or otherwise known as the Puruvian Ground Apple and another bush plant, the  Midyim Berry.Midyim Berry

This plant has lots of white flowers which produce sweet tasting berries, and grows along the ground..

When I had just finished planting the rain came down in a steady, heavy stream which was just perfect for all these great new foods.

My agenda when I brought my property was to use it to produce sustainable food and today especially with the new bush foods plantings I feel excited to be working towards my aspiration.


21st Century Housewife© said...

What an interesting garden you will have! Even the names of the plants are intriguing - you should have some very interesting things to eat this summer!

Crafty Green Poet said...

that will all give a wonderful harvest! I love the parrot sky too!

Melodie said...

Gosh, where do you live? I can't imagine any of those doing well in my garden, but they all sound lovely and delicious. Plus, they're very pretty. I love planting wild and native plants in my garden. I think it's so important to nurture what is already available where we live, and to grow it for our own interests, well, that's just what they are for I think.
Thanks for linking up with me today!

Kaysi said...

great post, I didn't know any of it!