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Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Windows

After years of being cramped in city units my new home has `Green Windows'. From each window a living breathing green view.

From the kitchen window the exciting black bean tree, plus jacaranda and eucalyptus foliage.

The front louvres look over the skyline of Surfers Paradise through a sea of grevilleas and eucalyptus.

Frangipane, lavender, five spice and lemongrass from a bedroom window. All have beautiful fragrances to enrich the air in the summer heat.

Some gentle greenery outside another bedroom.

Not sure what this tree is on the street side of the house. It looked like it was dying when I brought the house last year but some careful pruning and tree vitamins have brought it back to life. The street opposite slopes down through an array of established foliage.


Marcus Design said...

Beautiful! It sure is nice to have a pretty view, I think it makes all the difference! By the way I really like your window with the glass looking 'shutters', very cool!!

A piece of news said...

Wow! Beautiful views. And lemongrass!