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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sustainable Food Garden Brings Joy

Woke up feeling a bit bleak on a cool morning but a quick walk in my sustainable food garden soon lifted the spirit.

The passion fruit vines are prolific

The newly planted palms will protect my vegies from the fence's heat in summer. The disc is to share away the crows from the tomatoes. Basil, ginger, broccoli, tomatoes and a few capsicums can be seen in this photo.

Thought I had lost this little lemon tree in the summer heat but now it has fruit, buds and new leaves.

My current fruit orchard area, mulberries, avocados, paw paws, lemon aspen, corduroy tamarind and creek sandpaper fig. In the background the passion fruit vines now encircle the whole side of the house. The second photo here shows how the area looked last summer before I started plantings.


Finally another moment of joy seeing new buds on the blueberry bush planted just last Friday.


21st Century Housewife© said...

Your garden looks lovely - that's so cool you have a lemon tree!

chanelle said...

Your garden pictures are always so pretty and inspiring! hopefully my garden will grow that well also!
I'd love if you came by for a visit!

Atticmag said...

So happy your lemon tree survived. The blossoms on mine are so aromatic I love to open up the doors and windows to let the fragrance waft through the house.
Jane T.

Bella said...

Hi, Your garden looks wonderful! I would love to have a lemon tree.. Mmmmm :-)

Nancy said...

Your variety is inspiring. I truly an encouraged when I see all the gardens today.

g.suzie said...

I'm glad someone is having some gardening success, your plants look great!

Jami said...

You are growing some new and different plants! I'd be interested in how you use some of the exotic-sounding fruits. Would you be interested in sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party I host at AnOregonCottage.com? We'd love to have you!