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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Healthy Home

I wanted a really healthy home after three breast cancers, but I found it difficult to find one. In the end I brought an old housing commission home with land and a transparent structure.

Built of hardwood it has a tin roof and air flows under the house through slates.

I opened up the wall between the living and kitchen areas and painted all the house with an organic paint. The lino was taken from the floors and they were sanded and sealed with a non-toxic water based sealant.


The bathroom and toilet area were opened up with white tiles and a new vanity added.


The old porch area became my studio. The working area is an old door, stripped and finished with a natural wood oil. The floor here is hardwood over the old balcony slates finished with the same non-toxic sealant used on the wood flooring.


Under the house was completely cleared to gain the best benefit of the air flow through the slates. The wood seen here is my floor from beneath.


The last step was the painting of the outside of the house, also with organic paint.The paint I used also has non-toxic pigments. Something to ask about in any low VOC paint. Here you also see the slates from the outside.


I just love each day in my new home. It feels so sustainable and at one with our planet.


Sandy said...

Great job on your house. Thanks for taking care of our planet and for stopping by for a visit.

Tina said...

looks beautiful. very presentable and homeley :)

Tina from
Mummy Diaries
Gossip Avenue
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Kaysi said...

Wow it looks great!!

C.R.A.F.T. said...

so peaceful :) cone link up to MMM!

Leah said...

May God bless your home and your health!!

Antique ART Garden said...

Very nice home, wish mine was as clean at present ! Take care, Gina