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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Learning to Grow My Food

Every time I think I am starting to get food growing right there is a new lesson to learn. I planted several fruit trees last December including an avocado and thought I had done it all correctly but lately the avocado tree has been looking sickly. None of the gardeners I spoke to had a solution but finally a friend told me avocado's don't like `wet feet'.

This week the avocado tree was transplanted to a sheltered, sunny mound on the other side of the garden. It is just in front of the winter frangipanes in the photo. The stick tree in the front is my peach and behind that barely able to be seen is the lemon tree that was where the avocado tree has been planted and is now in the moister soil below.

The lemon really struggled in the hotter, drier position last summer and am hoping the moister soil and some shade from the peach will get it going this year.

On the other side of the garden where the avocado was have now planted a mandarin tree which the nursery man assured me would like the moist position.

Here is the mandarin tree with a branch of my mulberry tree in front. You can just see the first mulberries forming. Behind are the paw paw trees which are already bountiful. You can eat the fruits raw in salads but I prefer them golden, ripe and sweet.

The placement of the passion fruit vines has been my greatest success so far and here is the first of the new seasons fruits. It is an early start but the position is sunny and warm,

and here are my new frog covered gumboots. Couldn't resist them
and plan to wear them in the midge season.

I do love growing food. The food is fresh and you know what is in and on it and it is such a discovery curve. Each day brings surprises, today it was ripe passion fruit and a wonderful piece of fresh turmeric.

The turmeric is a result of digging vegetables scraps into the soil to add body. Have had some special plants grow this way. Will grate it and have it with tonight's meal.


James Missier said...

Sorry to note about your avocado plant, hope it is recovering.
Love your "frog shoes" they are truly cute and interesting.

BTW, I just dropby from Blotanical.
Have a nice blessed day!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hope Mr. Avocado makes it. Our lemon tree suffered the same fate but we've moved it to a slightly shadier spot and it's doing great! Love the boots!

Suzy said...

Wow, what fun plants to grow. I'd love it if I could have avocados in my garden but I can dream on! I barely have green tomatoes setting fruit.