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Friday, July 23, 2010

Local Conditions and Growing Food

Understanding local weather and soil is the first step to growing strong food.

My first vegetable patch below did not cope with the summer heat reflecting from the fence behind.  Even several plants of the hedge plants behind the vegetables were burned. Sheeting behind the fence on my neighbors' side further intensified the heat.

My solution has been to dig out the garden a further two feet, and replace the hedging plants with hardy Golden Canes. These were planted in autumn to allow time to establish  root systems before the summer heat.

I have also been adding body to the soil. Lucerne mulch, my own composting mixture and bags of shredded cow manure are all part of the mix continually being added to the soil.

This body in the soil will result in moisture being retained and healthy, stronger plants.


Darla said...

Such a tropical feel to it. I also like that fence.

Don said...

Didn't think about a fence causing heat to bounce back on the plants. Hmmm, something to consider when I get off my duff and plant a garden like I want to... Was going to have a fence around it to keep the deer away, may have to rethink that...

Jingle said...

cute and fresh garden plants.