Friday, August 6, 2010

Food Plentiful in My Community Vegie Patch

Food is plentiful in my Community Vegie Patch and it is hard to believe it was less than a year ago it was a struggle to get growth from a dead soil.

The lessons we were taught of continually building up the soil with mulch, compost, worm droppings, and my favorite shredded cow manure have renewed the soil so quickly.

Now the garden patches are alive with  quality food..

In my own patch I have added height as a dimension to get extra yield and also protect and shade new plantings. The snow peas and cherry tomatoes intermingle on the constructions.

Here you see broccoli,  lettuce, broccoletti, kale and brussel sprouts among the plantings. The basil in the front is apple basil which is really delicious and grows so easily.

This view included parsley, strawberries and lavender to deter pests with its fragrance. The computer discs ward off crows.

A closer view of the new enriched soil.


EG Wow said...

Your garden looks very healthy! It's green and I see little evidence of anything being eaten by insects.

21st Century Housewife© said...

What a lovely garden!

Beth said...

Your garden looks very healthy. Good soil is the basis for plant growth and it sounds like you did exactly what you needed to in ammending the soil. I'm glad it's paying off for you.

Erin said... looks like amending the soil was exactly the right healthy.

Anonymous said...

If you think it looks good now, wait until you see the results of six or seven years of careful enrichment of the soil.

We started with a mish-mash of ripped up lawns, building site spoil, a combination of midden and horse heap, and the remnants of several gardens—complete with gravel paths. All of that was spread on top of a former horse menege.

Since then, we've gradually worked out the rubbish, added well-rotted seaweed, pig muck and chicken manure, and established a rotation.

Now, we have a multitude of healthy, tasty and huge vegetables. Downsides? The weeds do well, too!

So, keep it up and see what you get in a few years time.

Tootsie said...

good idea with the discs...your garden looks fantastic!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your garden looks great, enjoy all the goodies!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about participating in Ann Kroeker's food carnival tomorrow, so I thought I would look at what some of you other participants were writing about. Wow, very impressive and intimidating. I love your veggie garden. I want one so bad, but have no idea how to begin.