Sunday, August 8, 2010

House Gradually Changing

I wish trees would grow more quickly and sometimes in my frustration to make things happen more quickly I forget what my home was originally like.

Below is the house last October just after it had been painted with an environmentally friendly paint.  I also added the louvre windows for easy summer air flow.

The Back of My Sustainable Home

Here it is today. The earth down the right side of the house was dug. the soil renewed and is now the home of my passionfruit vine which is into second bountiful crop. The mulberry tree on the left front is just getting its new season's leaves and has many small mulberry flowers appearing. The pawpaws on the right fence are also bearing fruit and there is a mandarin tree, a lemon aspen,a  corduroy tamarind and a sandpaper creek fig  each beginning their journey of growth.

The vegie patch on this side of the house has also been dug out an extra three feet and golden canes planted behind to provide relief from the fence's reflected summer heat.  At the top of the vegie patch I have planted a midyim berry bush and chokos will soon be abundant on the top hedging bushes.

Looking at the before and after images has left me less frustrated at how slowly things seem to be progressing  and  planted ideas for some new projects.

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Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist said...

What a beautiful patch of paradise you have there! Thank you for the inspiring post and for sharing this inspiration at Monday Mania!