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Friday, August 13, 2010

Milk Free Pesto

As a breast cancer survivor milk is something I leave out of my diet. This decision was made after reading the writings of Professor Jane Plant a fellow breast cancer survivor.

Jane Plant gives evidence of the link between hormonal cancers and animal milks. A recognized scientist with a CBE her evidence is well researched and compelling reading.

But with a large amount of basil in my garden and a love of pesto I needed to find something that tasted as good without the cheese.

So my Milk Free Pesto evolved.

A handful of basil and a handful of cashew pieces were put into a blender along with home grown garlic  gloves, organic olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and water to create the desired consistency.

The result a delicious pesto as tasty as any of the cheese added varieties.

The choice of organic olive oil is a conscious decision after reading Jane Plant.

I now like to know just which oils I consume. Organic olive oil is a standard and I only occasionally fry foods.

Food label reading is also a must. If a label is not specific about which oil is in a product it is left on the shelf.

Brought cakes, biscuits, and sweets are the big ones for not saying which oils are used, even the best brands.

Bad food makes me feel bad so it is not so hard to say NO.


annkroeker.com said...

I wanted to make pesto this evening, but I couldn't find any nuts! Yours sounds very nice, even without the Parmesan, so I'm glad you came up with an option. Someone wrote about an "arugula pesto" for Food on Fridays, and she said that the original recipe advised against Parmesan cheese in the arugula version...so maybe we only think it's needed because we're used to it? You may start a whole new cheese-less trend for pesto!

Anji said...

It does sound good.

The combination of oil/fat and sugar cooked together in cakes and biscuits is especially bad.

As I'm getting older I've started to notice the effects of different foods on how I feel. I'm going to check up on Jane Plant

Libby said...

My son has a dairy allergy, so I make a pesto with fresh basil and marinated artichoke hearts. The jar off the shelf is what I do, but if you're avoiding mystery oil labels, you could cook fresh artichokes and marinate yourself.

Melodie said...

Mm. I don't think a good pesto needs cheese wither. And this sounds so fresh and lovely. Thanks for sharing at Vegetarian Foodie Fridays.