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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Gardening Solutions

The area in the photo below had a bad food year last year. The soil was lacking in strength and the summer sun glaring against the wooden fence proved too hot for my most of my plantings.

I had thought I had feed the soil enough but got it wrong and this year I have been adding all my food scraps in addition to organic sugar cane mulch, shredded cow poo and  organic pellets containing more poo.

Seaweed emulsion and liquid worm castings are additional adds. Also plan to add more lime.

I am hoping the frangipanes which are just beginning to leaf will be good summer shade barriers.

Their sweet pink flowers will add humus to the soil not mention their beauty and fragrance on my table.

Am also using the frangipane to support goji berries, lazy wife beans and sweet potatoes.

Some broccoli, carrots and my pepino bush can also be seen in the photo below.

The blossom at the front is the first fruiting of my new avocado tree.

I do hope all will be well this summer. This area by the fence is so great in winter but the summer sun can be sourching.

Food gardening is so much about discovering what each area of your garden can achieve.

Already have had to move the avocado tree as it was not coping with the wind where it was planted.

It does take time to discover your garden's capacities.

The first tree I planted was a roseapple which just didn't like where it was placed. I replanted it to the bottom of my garden and it is now growing so fast with no care.

Hope I have the area below ready for a better summer than last.


Bangchik said...

Plants are just like us, requiring more than just food. Adequate energy from the sun, a good soil to grow, good surroundings, surrounded by friendly plants, and enough air to breath are little things they need... ~bangchik

Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Very interesting plants and I enjoyed reading your gardening notes. There's always so much to learn - half the fun, though. :) Have a blessed week!

Mama Zen said...

Good luck! I'm going to have to do some experimenting, too. I've had some lousy luck with my garden.

Karen said...

Gardening is such an experiment at times, isn't it? Every year brings something new to contend with as the weather is always different. Good luck to you on your adventure, you have a lovely garden!