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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Is Wrong With This Broccoli???

This is an organic broccoli grown in my community garden vegetable patch but there is something wrong with it.

No it does not have a disease or pests.

The problem with this broccoli is that it only has a BRIX Reading of five.

Now this is much higher than your average supermarket broccoli which would be about one if it gave a reading at all.

Cardboard could give you equal fiber value to such a low BRIX broccoli and may very well be safer in terms of pesticide residue.

So what is a BRIX reading?

It is a reading given by a BRIX meter measuring the light passing through sap from a plant.

This reading indicates the dissolved solids in that plants.

These dissolved solids are made up of the essential minerals, proteins, vitamins and sugars we require from our food.

The higher the BRIX reading the more nutritious the food.

Pests do not like high BRIX fruit and vegetables as they find their sap too strong.

High BRIX  foods also have excellent lasting value and attractive tastes appealing to all especially children.

My own interest as someone who is now well after three separate breast cancers is that low BRIX food does not provide the essential nutrients for a body to stay strong.

I have worked hard to build up the soil in my vegetable garden with mulch, compost, seaweed liquid and dolomite but that was not enough.

Now I have also added rock dust to my soil.

I have also stated returning all the healthy plants matter I remove from the soil back to my dirt.

Greg from Wormtec who has been working with community garden members to increase the strength of our soil is putting together a mixture of nutrients to improve BRIX readings.

I look forward to an excellent Brix reading from my Broccoli in the near future.

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