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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recycled Trees and Flowers.

In February this year a friend was pulling down their house to rebuild. The earth movers were coming in the next day and she invited me to salvage what I could from the garden.

The frangipane tree was such a sweet pink and so large I took six large cuttings. They were left at the bottom of the garden to settle then planted and now my very first frangipane flower from these new trees.

This lavender was grown three small cuttings from my previous home.

These sunny nasturtiums are from a cutting given from a beach garden.

And these beautiful blooms appeared under my entrance stairs after I had removed the large rubber tree blocking their light.

The chrysantheum is from flower heads thrown amongst my vegetables. The flower heads were from dead flowers collected from friends gardens.

The garden was so lifeless when I brought my house and now it is coming alive with color.


momstheword said...

Beautiful pictures!

What fun you must have in your garden. I'll bet you enjoy pouring over gardening books. I know that I did, anyway, when I was really into gardening.

Thank you for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Martha said...

It's nice to have a garden of memories as well as a garden of flowers! Great pictures.

Karen said...

What beautiful color the frangipane has! All of your plants are so lovely, is the red and white one a amaryllis? The bud count is amazing!

Ginny said...

I love pass-along, volunteer, and tag-along plants! My garden has many of those and I enjoy both the blooms and the memories.

Ginny said...

Me again - great idea to have a page for blog parties!

MommaMindy said...

My favorite plants came from other people's gardens. I brought home iris bulbs from my friend Roxy in ND. I have hen and chicks from a friend's Mom who was moving. I have hostas from a friend from my church. I didn't get a cutting from my Gramma's bleeding heart, but I planted one on the left side of my front steps, like she always had. Like you,I find plants can be more than decoration in my yard, they can be memories.

jo©o said...

You have Amaryllis (Hipeastrum) growing outdoors?
And that without any fuss and so luxuriously?

I have to grow mine inside the kitchen and I adore these plants. I am already getting nervous that they may not come up again next Spring.