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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sustainable Food Growing

Sustainable food growing has been learning to let go of preconceived ideas about what is order in a garden.

I started with orderly arrangement of each plant group but now arrange plants randomly to confuse predators.

New plants are also placed among the established so their roots can become strong enough to stand up to weather while protected by the taller plants around them.

I am now also using plants to support climbers.

The nursery told me my new goji could be a bush or a climber depending on pruning.

I thought I would plant it as a climber among the frangipane trees I am growing for summer shade.

This position would give it summer protection while I worked out how it would grow. No one at the nursery could advise on this as goji are a new acquisition.

This is the first small fruit on my pepino plant which was struggling and needed to be moved to a second location.

I have had to cut off ongoing sooty mold and leaf curl but now the plant is finally healthier and starting to bear fruit.

The pepino bush can be seen from above below with my vegetable scraps on the adjacent ground.

The vegetable scraps thrown on the soil is something I recently learned adds richness to your soil.

Seems to be helping my pepino grow strong along with organic mulch and shredded cow manure.


Anonymous said...

Any artist gets my vote. Nice blog. I thought you may have painted your avatar and banner.I enjoyed looking through your paintings. I too paint and draw, but never put any on my blog. Just illustrations. You have a great use of color.

Donnie said...

That was lovely and informative. In the woods and nature many things grow together. I really enjoyed looking around your place.

Anonymous said...

I agreen with Donnie. :)

Anonymous said...

oops I meant agree, lol! ;)

LV said...

We would make a good yard pair. I love and enjoy working in my yard. You did very well with yours. Thanks for your visit. I enjoyed having you.

Denise said...

I enjoyed this post very much, and your photos are lovely. Thank you!

Rambling Woods said...

I love seeing the progress in your garden and you have wonderful ideas that make me think about what I can do here next season as we are in fall. Thank you so much for posting to Nature Notes....Michelle

Linda said...

I have never been one to make neat rows of veggies...I mix mine in with the flowers. They all seem quite content that way and the flowers attrct birds and bees to pollenate for me.

Ann said...

how big is your goji plant?

Greenearth said...

Hi Ann, thanks for your question. The goji plant is still quite small as just planted. The tallest branch would be about three feet. Not sure how big it will grow.

Miz Helen said...

We love trying new things in our garden. I enjoyed your post.
Thank you for sharing.