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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Food Garden Brings Surprises

Discovering new foods is exciting, and growing them even more so.

From a tangle of weeds my garden is now a place of surprises and delights.

The pink flowers on the left are the first blossoms of a goji plant. I only planted this plant a few months ago so was excited to see it flowering.

Found the plant in a nursery but no one had grown it before so could give me no information. It is a learning curve.

These new nectarines are also a surprise and joy as the tree was planted less than a year ago.

Found a choko flower today. They are prolific once fruiting  but somehow the first blossom is always an excitement.

As is the first head of frangipane blossoms.

 Not all easy successes. My pepino plant has been struggling. This is its first ripe fruit.

Moved the plant from its first position to where it would get more sun.

Today noticed it appeared to have scale so wiped as much off as I could and gave it a feed of seaweed solution.

Also staked it so air could circulate freely to all the stalks. Pepinos can produce a lot of fruit and I love their sweet fruits.

And the avocado also had to be moved.

Now is in a position where it has access to water but the roots are dry.

Is slowly coming back to life from the damp soiled and windy position where it was first planted..

The green oval object above the pineapples is its first new avocado fruit.

Look forward to even more flowers and fruits in this new position next year.

So exciting learning to live sustainably.


21st Century Housewife© said...

You have some amazing plants in your garden! How wonderful to have nectarines and frangipane!

A Joyful Noise said...

What wonderful and different foods you can grow! Your tree is blessed to have fruit so early.

Ann Kroeker said...

I'd love to be examining fruit and flowers and veggies in my garden right now. Unfortunately, I'm in Zone 5. It's all over. Leaves have fallen. Things have shriveled and dried up. Now all I can do is dream about next year's garden!


Dirty Butter said...

I'm not a gardener, and not likely to ever be one, but I do enjoy looking at your photos and reading your posts!

I follow you onExposeYourBlog.

Snake said...

Gorgeous garden! It's always a joy when you find the perfect possie for a plant where it will really thrive. I have a pineapple guava with a toddler's temperament, it likes a new spot for two months or so, then has a hissy fit and losses leaves over it. I used to have neighbours who had a whole plot of land dedicated to growing exotic fruit, and now I know how much hard work it was!