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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sustainable Garden Renewal

I brought my house because I could see it's potential but it felt so dead when I first got my key I cried.

Now it is alive. The soil is renewed with ongoing additions of compost, organic mulch, vegetable scraps and plant waste, seaweed liquid, blood and bone and lime.

Next I will be adding  rock dust to the soil to increase the nutrient content of the food I grow.

When I first dug the soil there were no worms, now each time I dig I find plentiful worms busy renewing the soil from within.

Worms will always find your garden when there is food for them in the earth.

My membership at the local community garden has been invaluable in creating my home garden.

Both the shared knowledge and practical experience have allowed me to understand the soil in a whole new way.

What we are doing together at the community garden is showing me that food can be plentiful without chemicals when you feed the soil what it requires.

The strong plants that result from getting the soil right are not attractive to pests.

Companion planting also creates healthier plants.

At my own home the birds that feed on the surrounding trees are also great allies in keeping a healthy garden. If you look hard you will see some of my garden birds breakfasting among the blossom.