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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creating a Sustainable Home, From This to This.

The Back of My Sustainable Home
Here is my house a year ago just after it was painted. The louver windows were added by me just after purchase. My dream is to try and live a sustainable lifestyle.

The house is an old government home, built of simple materials, including hardwood and tin, no asbestos. I love that the air flows underneath and assists in keeping the house cool in summer and that it is possible to go under the house and look up and see the floorboards.

My cousin a photographer took the photo above a year ago and the photo below is the house today. The place is starting to feel so different and still have many sustainable projects to undertake. My first project for next year is to put in a rainwater tank to conserve water.

Here is a little peak inside the house. This area was originally two separate rooms with tiny windows in a wall of glass. It was so hot, but creating one large room and adding  louver windows created an open space with cooling breezes.

My former apartment was in a new prestige block but it did not feel alive. Renovating this old house was all about green solutions and it feels good.


Bangchik said...

The place is definitely very welcoming with lawn and plants around.

Kim said...

I love your floors! And this wide open space you've created is fabulous!

Appalachian Feet said...

Wow! I would not picture something as cozy as this if someone said "government house" to me. Very nice job!

Linda said...

Your home is wonderful! Are those bamboo floors? They are wonderful!

Greenearth said...

The floors are hardwood planks. Lino was removed, the boards sanded and a water based, VOC friendly finish added.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Great home! Love the air-i-ness and how clean and bright and homey it looks. You also did a great job with the landscaping outside!
Best regards,