Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Real Benefit of Changing to Sustainable Living?

My reason to begin sustainable living was to stay well after three separate breast cancers but I did not realize it would come with the additional benefit of renewed energy.

I have been consistent with the removal of known toxins from my home and food even to the point of using clay paint for my paintings.

I painted my home with VOC friendly paint and used VOC friendly water based sealant on the floorboards,

Surfaces are natural cotton or wood, no plastics, no synthetics and lots of living, breathing plants to keeping the air fresh and clean,

In the kitchen no plastics, instead stainless steel, crockery, glass, and no microwave just an old stove with metal elements.

No petroleum based  detergents or bleaches, instead simple sustainable cleaners such as baking soda and salt which are equally efficient.

Where possible I try to purchase organic cotton, and all my personal items are simple, non toxic items.

A journey in growing food has been part of this sustainable change and something I share on this blog.

An important aspect of growing this food for me has been being part of a community garden where we have learned the strength of food is dependent on the quality of the soil.

Together with other garden members I work on improving the soil by adding depleted minerals, lime, mulch, compost, seaweed emulsion, worm castings  and blood and bone.

The community garden has also introduced me to many new foods.

 The Drumstick Tree pictured left is one such food. This wonderful tree will continuously produce edible flowers and green seed pods, a cross between peanuts and asparagus, its leaves are 38% protein with all essential amino acids, and the roots can be used as  horseradish and medicinally.

It is drought tolerant and has another very special attribute. Its dried seeds can be crushed to purify water to drinking standard.

Becoming sustainable is an evolving process but one I have discovered not only allows a oneness with our earth but also brings new discoveries and energy.


momstheword said...

That is so awesome. I really pay attention to VOC paint, etc., now because the worse asthma attack I ever had was due to a varnish on hardwoods.

I didn't know and couldn't smell the newly varnished floors (due to allergies I had a stuffed up nose). They were "safe" to walk on and we met for several hours in the room, plus ate lunch there.

After several hours of meeting there, I had a very bad asthma attack that nearly led to me having to go to the hospital. It was very scary and the only thing I could pin it on was the floors. I also developed a very bad headache.

Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

Mary Joy said...

Wow! We are working on eating and being more healthy and are looking forward to starting our own home garden in the backyard this spring. I learned a lot from reading your post...I need to check on a few products around our home after reading your post.

Thank you for sharing with us!

visiting from Moms the Word

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I cMy world is in another dimension. I am so used to toxins. upon leaving I was sick. My lungs could breath cleaner air. Where I live now along a polluted river. The people still fish it. The trees in the forest would leave if they they could!
But I am lucky There no Dinsoures to eat me.