Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Simple, Healthy Bedroom

Simplicity allows me a healthful night's sleep.

VOC friendly paints and flooring reduce toxic chemicals and bedding and curtains are all natural cotton surfaces that are easily washable.

No synthetic furnitures just wood and plants that  make for healthy air.

I have noticed after sleeping in my new room that I do notice the smells from paints and carpets etc when I sleep in rooms treated with chemically active materials.

Before my new room I was always snuffly but now I awake refreshed and ready to face a new day.

There is no stuffy smell when the windows are closed as there are no off gassing materials and the living, breathing plants keep the air alive.

 I thoroughly recommend making the room where you sleep as simple and non toxic as you are able if you want a really healthful night's sleep.


momstheword said...

My nose is not quite as sensitive to some smells as others, but I can smell a dust rag if it's left in the room.

But that's because I am allergic to dust and so I really notice if there's one lying around. One time I couldn't sleep until I found it (hubby had left it on top of a high shelf), lol!

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Shel said...

So lovely and fresh looking! Enjoy your Monday..

Mary Joy said...

My husband and I both have problems with allergies...I hadn't thought of having a plant in our room to help clean the air. What a great idea!


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Mary Joy