Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Varsity Vegies Community Garden Year Off To A Swimming Start

Under the watchful eye of the dolphin on the garden shed mural the first days of cooler weather saw the beginning of a new gardening year at Varsity Vegies Community Garden.

Showers interspersed with sunshine give a silvery glow to the mandala entrance where new plantings amidst the perennials are underway for the cooler autumn months.

Tree cutting in the local park provides great mulch for recycling on the shared garden area where Taro, lemon grass and citrus trees are some of the plantings.

Last seasons crops into the wheelbarrow and off to the compost.

Lots of work to be undertaken to get the soil ready for the coming growing year.

As global warming increases our planet becomes more vulnerable and security food gardens are becoming more important.


Maggie said...

What could be better than growing your own food?
I can't wait to get back out into my potager soon.

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful garden! When I was a young girl, my father always had a large garden. There's nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables, picked that day. Enjoy!