Friday, March 18, 2011

Learning to Garden in a New Way

When I brought my house nearly two years ago there were no plants in the garden.

Slowly and carefully I have been growing and cultivating food plants.

It has been a learning curve and my approach to gardening has been changing as I acknowledge the role global warming will play in the future and learn more about sustainable gardening and permaculture.

One of my first plantings was this passion fruit vine. It looks prolific but the fruiting is not what I hoped so far this season.

With all the wet weather it seems to have developed foliage but limited fruit.

Lots of flowers happening now, hope they will ripen before the colder weather takes away their sweetness.

Here is one of my attempts to change my gardening style .

Inspired by writers such as Masanobu Fukuoka I am experimenting with growing plants in different combinations.

For someone who is inclined to order this is taking some adapting, but does feel exciting and so right.

Many of the plants in this area such as Taro, Cassava and purslane are new to me and look forward to discovering ways to cook them at the community garden.

My newest project has been to completely clear one of my first garden areas.

My plan for this area is still not completely clear but my previous concept of protecting the more vulnerable plants from the hot summer sun with frangipanes did not work.

The soil was still hard and dry.

Currently it is sitting fallow with lots of manure added.

Will keep working this area till the soil has real body and then try nitrogen fixing plants such as pigeon peas to fully bring it to life.

One does needs patience in a garden.

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Tootsie said...

we have something in common! I am learning to plant thinks kind of out of order to! I am so picky that it takes a lot for me not to have perfect symmetry...or ....well you
thanks for linking in this week and sharing your garden with us!