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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sharing and Discovering Food Solutions at Community Garden

Call down to the Community Garden most evenings at present to water the new season's seedlings.

Enter by the front gate passed the herb spiral where all members share an abundance and variety of exciting herbs.

The herb spiral sits in the center of `The Mandela Garden' which is also shared by all the gardeners.

These well wrapped small green bundles are native passion fruits that grow on the edge of `The Mandela Garden' and if you are lucky a few will have fallen to the ground. They have a refreshing sweetness which is always a delight.

This mass of green from the herb spiral is Gotu Kola a special herb reputed to help arthritic conditions if three leaves a day are eaten.

There are many other medical conditions said to be helped by regularly eating a few of these leaves on a regular basis so a good addition to the evening salad. 

There is also a large common garden area at the back of the community garden.

Here cassava trees shadow a range of citrus in the fading evening light.

Even with the light slipping away the paw paw tree below is an impressive tree.

Just wish my paw paws at home were as magnificent.

So much to learn about producing food and a community garden is such a great place to discover and share solutions.

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gardenwalkgardentalk.com said...

Our master gardeners got a grant to develop a community garden. It will supply food to those less fortunate, plus it will be a teaching garden. These gardens are so needed in communities because they supply so much more than just the food.