Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crowds Flock to Gold Coast Permaculture Day

Crowds flocked to permaculture day at Three Worlds on Australia's Gold Coast.

Held in The Three Worlds' Community Garden it was a day full of informative talks, good food and a wide range of activities and stalls.

Locals were eager to learn about new ways of growing and eating food and permaculture ideas.

The Three Worlds restaurant provided delicious, organic vegan fare direct from the garden.

All aspects of the day were in harmony with our planet and many went home with not only new plants and trees to grow in their own gardens but a greater understanding of what our planet needs and how `A New Eden' can be created.

The Program for the day included
raw food and sustainable cooking,
soil building, soil biology and worms, how to make your own pots and seedlings, no dig gardening, fruit trees, nutrition-food myths, sprouts and small space gardens, fermenting and preserves and scything, a full and exciting program.

Plenty of activities for the children as well and the food was really memorable, fresh, organic and full of flavor.

It was exciting to see so many eager to learn about new ways of living and the community garden setting gave inspiration to all.


The Sage Butterfly said... much to learn! I don't know of a day like this here in the U.S. More and more I become interested in permaculture because it seems to be a way to allow nature to continue on its natural path.

Jennifer said...

Wow, great event. I would be interested in hearing some of the nutrition myths they discussed. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Gold Coast Permaculture owes a big thankyou to Winsome for all of her help in organising this day and volunteering her time to make it a success.Thanks Winsome you are an inspiration.

Greenearth said...

Thank you so much Fernando, Leah, Justin, Vanessa and Marcello, it was a joy to be part of such an inspirational day.