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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green Business Opportunities Can Nuture Our Planet

Our planet needs new models for business and enterprises, models that actually care about people and the environment.

Corporate greed has been a destructive force and now for the healing of our earth there is a need for creative green business opportunities, opportunities in harmony with our planet and its people.

An example of such a new way is the building of bamboo homes by a company called CO2Bambu.

This company is producing flat-pack bamboo housing, easy to transport and which assemble at low cost. The bamboo is produced sustainably in plantations which reforest lands devastated by burning for cattle ranges and agriculture.

These bamboo houses are fast affordable homes for areas devastated by natural disasters.

Having experienced massive floods and earthquakes in my part of the world this summer I see this company as providing a product that is not only healing for our planet but providing solutions to the increasing disasters that are occurring.

This company is about creative solutions, ones that acknowledge the needs of today and find solutions that work with our environment.

Our green business opportunities can be small or large. It is not the scale of an enterprise but a new conceptual thinking that is about an `us' not a `me', an acknowledgment we are all on this planet together and that each of us can in our own way become part of making it a better place for not only ourselves but the generations to come.


Appalachian Feet said...

Love the idea of bamboo homes! It's an invasive plant here (some species anyway) and I think it would be cool to harness its runaway nature for something like home construction.

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